The School Sponsorship Project

Large families, limited income and very few formal assistance programs are three key factors that keep too many children from attending school. School is officially free up to grade 8, but there are many “hidden” costs that represent impossible barriers to most families. Without help, children who are both capable and willing will continue to be ignored, live marginal lives and die in poverty – a terrible but preventable waste of potential.

The Project

CANFRO will provide the uniforms, books, shoes, supplies, fees and medical care required for children/youth to attend school. CANFRO will work directly with  El Centro de Esperanza Infantil A.C./The Centre of Hope for Children, located at Crespo 308, to implement this project.

Project Outcomes

Students will gain the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in a broader, more lucrative job market. When one or two members of a family increase their earning power, the whole family benefits. Moreover, children and youth who attend school have the increased academic and social literacy they need to be more knowledgeable and involved citizens of their communities. In addition, they act as role models and mentors to their own and neighbouring family members. Read more about School Sponsorship Project Success Stories.

Canadian sponsors can provide annual support for many years – until their students finish as much schooling as they wish to pursue. Sponsors visiting Oaxaca can meet their students and even visit their families at home.

Want to Help?

A donation of just $300 CAD each May makes it possible for a child to have the education we Canadians all take for granted in our own lives.

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