Muchas Gracias

We are grateful for your support (listed with donor permission). We have privately thanked additional donors who do not wish to be listed here.

Kim & Paul Alexander
Viv Alper
Karla Orozco Andrade
April Andrews
Paula Moore-Ansell & Don Ansell
Carolyn Anthony
Nanny Barb (in celebration of Finn McDonald)
David Bakhurst & Christine Sypnowich
Virginia Bartley
Kathleen Battle
Dorothy Bauhoff
Barbara Beaseley
Elizabeth Becker
Patricia Beinschroth
Alison Bell
Jacob Berkowitz
Lucille Blainey
Kathleen Blastorah
Joan Blight
Suzette Blom
Douglas Bouey
Blair Bowen
Karen Brennan
Brooke Broadbent
Anthony Burton
Greg & Lynn Butler
Len Butticci
Blanche Cardozo
Cassie and Troy Cardozo-Richardson
Lawrence Carrick
Danielle Charbonneau
Letitia Charbonneau
Rabin Chatterjee
Joseph Cheng
Kenneth Cheng
Mary Choi
Robert Coates
Carolyn Corcoran
Debra Craig
Bob Curry & Glenda Slessor
Blair Day
Rachel & Brian Delaney
Maureen de West
Lisa Doig
Helmat Drost
Sheila du Toit
Darlene Dzendoletas
Elaine Ferbey
Marnie Fleming & Colin Mooers
David Florkow
Carol Forcier
Lynda Forsythe
Galen Foster
Joanne Fraser
Julie Gauthier
John Givens & Trish Keating
Catherine Goddard & Paul Freudenthaler
Brent Goff
Elizabeth Gowan
Suzanne Grant
Keith Grey
The Hand Family
Sabine Harpe
Aleksandra & Ian Hawley
Arlene Herman
Heather Hisey
Deborah Holdsworth
Penny & Doug Hopkins
Laurie Huck
Freyda Isaacs
Jacque Itie
Val James
Paul Sinclair Jarvis
Bill Juby & Sandra Thomson
Nora Kelly
Mohamed Khaki
Vinit Khosla
Jahyeon Kim
Mark Kiteley
Helen Kohl
Darcy Kroeker
Deborah & Rae Lake
Barbara Linds
Bonnie Livingston
Jennifer Lobo & Geoff Clarke
Joanne Long
Jill Lougheed & Sydney Reynolds
John Lucas & Helene Klodawsky
D’Arcy Martin
Oscar Pena Martinez
Dr. Ruth Mathieson

Jan McArdle
Carolyn McAskie
Geordie & Erin McComb
Louisa McDonald
John McIntosh
Norman McLeod
Marilyn & John McVicar
Georgette Mitchell
Joanne Moen
Nancy Monaghan
Vickie Morris
Marjorie Murray
Barbara Nakielna
Don Northey
Jeff Nugent
Frances Owen
Steve Page
Susan Paloschi
Jane Parkinson
Jeanne Patenaude
Alex Patton
Michael Peed
Rosy Pellarin
Edwin Phng
Zoe Pickard (requested b’day gift from grandmother Toni)
Austin Pinto
Erin Pinto
Verna Polcyn
Edward Pomeroy
Duane & Tracy Prowse
Donna Radtke
Tiina Randoja
Mary Rankin
Esther Rausenberg
Annette Reinhart
Pearl Richard
April & TJ Richardson
David Richardson
Jeff Richardson & Robin Cardozo
Carlo Giovanni Ariguznaga Rivera
Wendy Robbins
Michael Rouse
Patricia Saull
Jane Saxton
Gail Schacter
Gary Schel
Kathleen & Bernie Schonbacher
Mary Sherlock
Jay Sherwin
Fay Sims
Susan Snelling
Fred Snyder
Karen Southgate
Barbara Stark
Alvin Starkman
Ronald Stasiuk
Pam Stellick
Helen Strock
Sharon Thomson
Mary Tubbs
Jo-Anne Vandierendonck
William & Caroline Watts
Allison Welch
Nancy Wigston
Lynda Wilde
Maryann Wolters
Ted Wkyes & Judy Wahn
Paul Yee
Kateryna Zaslavska

Legacy Gifts

We are very grateful to the late Judi Schwartz, who left a highly generous gift in her will to CANFRO to be used to benefit the Oaxacan children and youth served by our partner agency, the Centre of Hope for Children (CEI).

The following people have informed us that they have named CANFRO as a beneficiary in their wills:

Viv Alper
Robin Cardozo & Jeff Richardson
Virginia Bartley
Doug & Penny Hopkins
Lynda Wilde
Anonymous Donor #1


Special Thanks To

Our corporate sponsors for the 2020 Annual Canadian Breakfast in Oaxaca:
Mezcal Educational Tours
Oaxaca Eats Food Tours

Website Design and Maintenance
Kim Cable, A Keyboard & A Cup of Coffee
Ottawa, Ontario

Denyse Marion, Art and Facts Inc.
Ottawa, Ontario

Ongoing Advice on Developing and Operating a Canadian Charity
Sandra Thomson, Development Consultant Nanaimo, B.C.

CANFRO Newsletter Design
Nan Newell (editing)
Taylor Newell (design)

Officers and Directors Now Retired from the CANFRO Board
Pat Simmons 2012-2013 Director
John Rollins 2012–2015 Treasurer
Alvin Starkman 2012-2018 Vice                 President, Director


In Memoriam

In memory of Teressa Loeb
– Larry Loeb and family

In memory of Jim Breedlove
– Lynda Wilde

In memory of Hilda & John Denham
– Lynda Wilde

In memory of Judi Schwartz
– Pat Bourke and Barry Gros
– Doug and Penny Hopkins
Paul Freudenthaler & Catherine Siddall