The Education Project for Girls


It is a sad and troubling fact that girls and women (defined as age 14 and older) in poor areas of Mexico are regularly victims of domestic/community violence, and educational marginalization. Even if a village has a high school, young women rarely attend because they are often married as early as age 14 and locked into raising their large families. The ability of capable young women to have a different kind of life is hampered by lack of money, little or no education and the absence of any kind of support network. There is no simple solution. A multifaceted approach is required to provide the kind of support necessary to help young women make the changes they want in their lives.

Project Information

The Project

CANFRO provides young, bright indigenous Oaxacan women whose families have few resources with an opportunity to receive a high school education by paying costs such as school books, supplies and related expenses, inscription fees, food, clothing (uniforms), transportation and housing costs in the event that they might live away from their home towns and villages in order to attend a high school. CANFRO works with staff at Fondo Guadalupe Musalem A.C. in the City of Oaxaca to provide this support.


Each young woman develops new skills, knowledge and options for her own life. She will also share her experiences and insights with other young women in her home community. Financially assisting one young woman is akin to helping many others in her community with similar backgrounds, struggles and potential for future success.

Success Stories

CANFRO is proud to share real-life stories about the children and youth who benefit from this project and the dedicated staff at our partner agencies who support them. These illustrate the direct impact of your donations.

Lucy’s Story

Esther’s Story

Meeting Malala, An Inspiration

Project Manager

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Want To Help?

$1600 CAD will support one young woman for one year.

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