The Oaxaca Learning Centre

The Oaxaca Learning Center, located at Murgia # 703 in the historic center of Oaxaca, was founded in 2005 by Gary Titus, a retired community organizer from San Francisco, and Jaasiel Quero, a public school teacher in Oaxaca. They developed a unique and highly effective methodology combining academic tutoring, active coaching and mentoring that has modified and changed over time based on experience. The Centre offers free tutoring to motivated students of modest means, aged 14 and up. The tutors are university students, many of whom have benefited from The Learning Center themselves. The Center is open seven days a week to offer academic and personal support to young students, many of whom are from rural villages and so apart from their families.

This non-profit organization is funded by revenue gained from a bed and breakfast located on the premises (100% of profit directed to The Learning Center) and from personal donations. Many Canadians are involved with the Center as volunteers and donors.

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