The Book Project


Reading is the basis of all learning. Beginning in 1998, a group of full and part-time Oaxaca residents began a literacy project to open children’s libraries in the city of Oaxaca itself, and in villages throughout the state, installing libraries and training librarians to instill a love of reading among the children of the community.

Members of the communities that hosted a library have played, and continue to play, an active role in creating and maintaining the library. A clear sign of the appeal and success of the children’s libraries has been that books have become worn and even “lost”. If they are to remain open, many libraries must now replace their books as well as expand the collection to meet the needs of increasingly literate readers.

Project Information

The Project

CANFRO purchases new books (in Spanish) to increase the collections of existing libraries in the state of Oaxaca. CANFRO works with Libros para Pueblos to select libraries and purchase books


As more and more children and youth have access to books and read for fun, their overall literacy levels rise, giving them a solid base for success in school.

Success Stories

CANFRO is proud to share real-life stories about the children and youth who benefit from this project and the dedicated staff at our partner agencies who support them. These illustrate the direct impact of your donations.

Gamaliel’s Story

José’s Story

Karina’s Story

Project Manager

Please contact the CANFRO Coordinator at

Want To Help?

It costs $1,060 CAD per year to provide an ‘infusion set of books’ to an existing library. Donors may adopt a library singly or do so with friends, family, or an organization. Of course, any amount donated is welcome.

Any Amount Welcome