How We Do It


CANFRO is governed by a small volunteer Canadian Board of Directors who each serve a 2-year renewable term. The Board is assisted by a number of volunteers who work on committees in Canada and in Oaxaca. Part of each Board member’s duty is to recruit and replace members, to encourage volunteers, and to work on committees where needed.

Fiscal Year

August 1 – July 31

Inaugural Budget

CANFRO Budget 2012/13


There are 3 regularly scheduled meetings each year with the option to call special meetings whenever needed. Board members participate in person or by Skype, thus allowing us to have participation from across Canada.

  • September – Annual Meeting held in Canada
  • February – regular meeting held in Oaxaca
  • June – regular meeting held in Canada



CANFRO operates in a highly professional and transparent manner (see Document Library), adhering to standard business practice at all times.

CANFRO maintains a bank account in Canada. Each of the Oaxaca organizations with which we work maintains a bank account for the exclusive use of CANFRO projects.

Administration Costs

As a volunteer organization, CANFRO commits to keeping its administration costs to a minimum. The Treasurer will automatically deduct a fee of 5% from all donations made in 2016/17 and 2017/18.


CANFRO is very grateful for the encouragement, advice and practical assistance provided by many generous individuals and organizations in Canada and Oaxaca (see Partners and Thank You sections of our website.)