Benefits of Legacy Giving

A legacy gift through your will, insurance policy, retirement funds or securities could be the biggest gift you ever make. It has the potential to help substantial numbers of young Oaxacans look forward to a life filled with opportunity. However, this gift costs you nothing during your lifetime.

Benefits of leaving a legacy gift:

  • Enjoying peace of mind knowing that, even if giving is difficult in the current economic environment, you will be making an important contribution to Oaxacan children and youth down the road
  • Reducing the tax burden on your estate (please consult your financial advisor)
  • Knowing that projects you have supported (or wanted to support) during your lifetime will continue to receive vital funding after you’re gone
  • Making a larger gift than you ever thought possible

Read more on the types of Legacy Giving you can arrange.

“I have been fortunate to be able to support the education of a child in Oaxaca for more than 10 years. CANFRO projects give Canadians the opportunity to enable the education of many children and youth. Each project represents a life-changing gift.”

“In leaving a bequest I can be sure that the good work they do can continue.”

Viv Alper,

Thornbury, ON

“Every year, I give what I can through CANFRO to help impoverished children in Oaxaca. The truth is: the need is so great, my annual gift never feels like it’s enough. But some day, through my estate, I’ll be able to make a much larger gift that will have a truly substantial impact.”
Jeff Richardson,

Toronto, ON

“I have been graced with a comfortable life, secured by education and opportunity and sustained by teachers, mentors, friends and family. All of those factors were essential. Oaxaca is dear to me, and I have happily donated to various CANFRO projects on an ongoing basis to support some of the same essential factors for young Oaxacans who need them. I am leaving a legacy gift to CANFRO so that my support can continue for years to come.”
Virginia Bartley,

Kingston, ON

“Having worked in the not-for-profit sector my entire career, I’ve seen the difference that can be made to communities through generosity to strategic, well-run charitable organizations. That—and my love for Oaxaca—is why I’ve named CANFRO a beneficiary in my will.”
Robin Cardozo,

Toronto, ON

“We have been supporting education-related projects in Oaxaca for many years – and now through CANFRO. We have included a gift to CANFRO in our wills because we know how great the need is and want to help ensure CANFRO’s ongoing work to improve the lives of children and youth.”
Doug and Penny Hopkins

Stirling, ON