Angela's Story

School Sponsorship Project

in conjunction with CANFRO’s partner, The Centre of Hope for Children

Angela’s family is from the Mixteca – a poor mountainous area northwest of the City of Oaxaca. Angela is one of 7 children. 2 years ago her father was killed in an accident and the family came to the city so that the children could rent accordions and ‘play music and sing’ for up to 12 hours a day in areas frequented by people who might give them money. This money has been the family’s only income. Attending school was impossible because it cost too much. Without an education – even basic literacies – Angela was destined to stay stuck in a cycle of poverty and desperation.

But in February 2015, life changed for Angela. She was ‘playing’ her accordion as usual on the Alcalá – a street for pedestrians in the city centre. A husband and wife who often walked along the street began to chat with her. They recognized her potential and offered to sponsor her for school.

The first picture on this page shows Angela on the street earning a living. The second picture shows Angela with her sponsors and part of her family around the fountain at The Centre of Hope for Children (CEI). They are all freshly dressed in clothes donated to CEI. Angela’s mother only speaks her indigenous language, and does not understand all of what is happening. However, she certainly understands that her daughter has been given a great gift. It is a gift that will help the whole family – because families share.

CANFRO makes it possible for Canadians to receive charitable tax receipts for any donation to the School Sponsorship Project at The Centre of Hope. Donations may be made in cash while in Oaxaca or through this site.

Penny Hopkins
Project Manager