Daniela's Story

CANFRO makes it possible for Canadians to receive charitable tax receipts for any donation to the Tutor Project at The Oaxaca learning Center. Donations may be made in cash while in Oaxaca or through this site.

Lynda Wilde
Project Manager

CANFRO’s Tutor Project

in conjunction with our partner, The Oaxaca Learning Center

The following is an account, which I have translated, written by an enthusiastic young woman currently working in our Tutor Project.

“My name is Daniela Camarillo López. I am 20 years old and am currently studying mathematics at the University of Benito Juárez in Oaxaca. I live with my family, my father Esteban Miguel, who is shopkeeper and my mother who works in the home. I have three siblings, Miguel Angel, 19, who is studying Forestry Engineering, Esteban, 16, who is in high school, and Citlalli, 25, who works in a restaurant.

I learned about The Learning Center thanks to a school friend when I was in my third year of high school and was having problems with Calculus. I decided to inquire at The Center where I received information and was then given a time for assessment starting Monday, the 4th of March, 2012.

At first I felt a little strange, having no idea what an assessment was. I was confused and indecisive about what I wanted to study. Due to economic problems I could not go on to study Physics, as I had applied for. Besides, I was having problems with mathematics.

But little by little, my tutor, who had studied mathematics, talked to me about the subject, about things that I had no idea existed, and so awakened in me a great curiosity about mathematics. After three days of assessment, I decided to sign up to be tutored in mathematics. Then my tutor began to prepare me for the university admission exam, and after several months, I was accepted and began my studies, which now I am very motivated to continue.

Upon entering university I realized that things were different, that the standard was very high and that the language for my course quite distinct. Thanks to my tutors, I adapted quickly. They helped me overcome problems I was encountering.

And then, in March, 2013, the co-ordinator at The Learning Center offered me a position with their team of tutors. Knowing that this was a great opportunity to learn more, and also that the stipend I would receive would help me pay my tuition fees, I accepted and became a tutor in April of 2013.

At first this proved to be a great challenge because I had never been faced with trying to teach anyone, so it felt complicated. But little by little, I gained experience, learned different ways of teaching the students, and especially, that all students do not learn in the same way.

The entire experience has been very enriching, showing me what it feels like to be on the other side of the system, moving from being a student to a tutor. During the first five months I was both student and tutor and that experience helped me evolve in my new position.

Over time I have matured and learned many new things including how to transmit knowledge, how to approach issues of gender equality, and how to manage students in groups. Above all, this job has taught me how to adjust to other people and to live with them.

In conclusion, as a graduate of The Tutor Program at The Learning Center, and now as a tutor myself, I can say that the experience has greatly helped me to grow professionally and also as a person. If I had not come here I would never have met the tutor who helped me so much when I was confused at such a significant time in my life.

Sometimes I think, where would I be if my friend had not introduced me to The Learning Center?”