The Tutor Project

Many children in Oaxaca City and in the outlying villages come from low income families in marginalized situations. Often they are eager learners but in need of extra help, especially with maths, sciences, and computer skills to complete high school and go on to higher education. University students from their own social class make ideal tutors for them. Very often these tutors are struggling themselves to pay for their own education.

The Project

CANFRO’s Tutor Project helps pay tutors a stipend for their work with high school students. This helps the tutors pay for their own education which otherwise they could not afford. We see this as a ‘win-win’ situation. Tutoring takes place at The Oaxaca Learning Centre (TOLC) located at Murguia #703.

Project Outcomes

This project provides income to offset tutors’ university expenses while they work to strengthen the academic capacity of the high school students they are tutoring. They provide positive role modeling and mentoring to younger students from the same social class. Read more about Tutor Project Success Stories.

Want to Help?

In 2016, 997 high school students were tutored. It costs approximately $185 CDN per month to pay a tutor. Please consider supporting a tutor to the benefit of all.

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