The Food Project

provides a daily hot meal to children so they are ready to learn. This may be their only meal of the day.

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The School Sponsorship Project

pays basic school costs for children and youth whose families could not otherwise afford to send them to school.

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The Tutor Project

pays university students to tutor high school students from their own social class. This helps them cover their own education costs and keeps them within the academic community.

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The Book Project

replaces worn or “lost” books and adds new books to libraries in rural communities.

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The Speech & Signing Therapy Project

engages the services of speech and sign language therapists to work with children who have hearing loss.

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The High School Project for Girls

provides mentoring, counselling, education, transportation, medical and accommodation costs for capable young women from rural communities so they can create new options for their lives.

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Our Founding Board of Directors

The idea for establishing CANFRO was conceived by a group of not-so-crazy Canucks who have a passion for helping impoverished people in Oaxaca help themselves.

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The State of Oaxaca (pronounced wah-HAH-ka) is noted both for its natural beauty and for its poverty. Its diverse indigenous peoples live in small villages throughout the mountains and valleys in the countryside as well as in the capital city, also called Oaxaca.

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CANFRO is a not-for-profit volunteer organization incorporated in the Province of Ontario and registered as a charity with Canada Revenue Agency. We fund and implement a variety of projects in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca. CANFRO remains neutral toward all political and religious organizations.

CANFRO helps indigenous people in need live better lives through projects that:


Relieve Poverty

by providing food, shelter, clothing and other basic supplies.

Promote Health

by providing medical care.

Advance Education

for young people by ensuring access to schooling and support for achievement


CANFRO Success Stories

High School Project For Girls: Lucy’s Story

School Sponsorship Project: Angela’s Story

Tutor Project: Daniela’s Story

Book Project: Elise’s Story